Ethnological Museum of Thrace

Ethnological Museum of Thrace

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14 Maiou #63
Alexandroupolis, Evros, Greece

Type: History

The Angeliki Giannakidou Ethnological Museum of Thrace was born of a heartfelt need to preserve historical memory. It is housed in a neoclassical stone building erected in 1899 at 63, Dekatis Tetartis Maïou Street in Alexandroupoli, Greece. The building was restored with the most modern materials and amenities to meet the requirements of a fully-functioning, up-to-date museum.

The entire project is self-financed. Officially opened on 5 October 2002, the Museum promptly inaugurated a series of local history seminars and educational programmes in association with the Democritus University of Thrace. We believe that the Ethnological Museum of Thrace will provide a vital link between tradition and living memory and the concerns that beset modern society. Her relation with the Thracian land, as it evolved through numerous experiences, has made me feel almost obliged to present my own perspective of Thrace within a scope of redefinition of tradition.

The museum collection comprises of objects belonging to natives and refugees, which characterize and determine the character of their family and local history, but also testimonies: thousands of personal stories which survived the sweeping waves of history, the wounds and their healing, which complete the mosaic of history and their knowledge re-establishes our relation with the land of Thrace. The exhibits are part of my private collection consisting of research material and objects of all the social groups living in Thrace. A great variety of topics are exhibited so that the visitor can be informed about the financial and social life of the wider history and geographical area of Thrace from the late 7th century till the beginning of the 20th century.

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